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Sri Lankan eSports athletes community

Who we are

A non-profit team of developers who work on servers 24x7 because that's our passion. We invest the funds received by providing servers for the players where the latency matters most on deploying and maintaining public competitive multiplayer game servers. If you purchase low-latency scrim servers from us, you are contributing to the e-Sport community in Sri Lanka. We have partnered with Sri Lankan internet service providers to get bulk servers and provide private game servers to Sri Lankan players at affordable prices.


Make Sri Lankan clans, teams and players' IGNs appear on global gaming leaderboards. Support them to train and build their skills to compete with international players.


Provide server infrastructure for Sri Lankan gamers to build their skills and find their hidden talents. Managing communication platforms to gather, train each other and share knowledge.

Latency info for nerds

Internet Service Provider Min Ping Max Ping Average Ping
1 SLT Fibre 8 39 16
2 SLT ADSL 15 50 29
3 SLT 4G 17 50 32
4 Dialog 21 58 32
5 Mobitel 25 45 29
7 Airtel 35 80 55
6 Hutch 38 95 60
Average latency through every connection in Sri Lanka 35
We analyzed these latency test results with online multiplayer and competitive gamers who play games with us and history records from the public servers. The above info may be changed with the data we collect from our feeds in the future.

Popular Servers

LowPing SnD Promod

Ultra low latency COD server for Sri Lankan players.

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MachanNoob Promod

Minimal promod experience with no fancy effects.

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Sniper Only

Develop your sniper skills. Just add the IP to your server favorites.

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MachanNoob Teamspeak

Teamup to play online multiplayer and competitive games.

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